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Kind Words

“Thanks For A Great JOB!”

Herb – Greenwood, IN
Aug 29, 2019

“I recently had Gutter Helmet installed on my home. It not only looks amazing, but the guys arrived on time, were very professional, and efficiently got the job done. I will definitely tell everyone I know about Gutter Helmet.”

Richard – Zionsville, In
Aug 19, 2019

“You can’t hardly see them on the gutters. Everyone was great, and they look great. Thank you, Bill for all your help.”

Jackie –Indianapolis, IN
July 1, 2019

“Thank you Gutter Helmet for the peace of mind. Everyone was just great, Bill explained everything and Travis installed it all. They were just so nice and caring. It was nice to work with someone who has been with the company 22 years and Travis 20 years. Local Service says it all. Thanks again.”

Iris – Indianapolis, IN
June 6, 2019

“Downsizing and purchasing a home, we chose Gutter Helmet again because of the great quality, and it works. We never had an issue on our previous home in the last 15 years. We love Gutter Helmet.”

Richard – Westfield, IN
Nov 6, 2018

“Dr. Dirt talks about the Gutter Helmet on his show. I finally decided I was too old to get on the ladder to clean them. I am really happy with the Gutter Helmets and they are just as Dr. Dirt says. I also like that the office is local and everyone is very helpful.”

Frank – Camby, IN
Sep 20, 2018

“I just wanted to touch base with you after my installation at our house. Travis was right on time and a very pleasant person to have on the job. I was extremely impressed with his skill and efficiency. So please pass along my thanks for such a great job.”

Phillip – Greensburg, IN
Aug 23, 2019

“Gutter helmet was purchased by my father for us as a gift. He has it on his house and recommended it highly so we went with it and it has only been on the house for a few days but it looks great and even with the one day of rain we had I could see how it works and am very excited about not having to clean my gutters anymore due to it being labor intensive and dangerous. I was at work while the guys installed it but they did it quick and from what I can tell it looks great and sturdy like they installed it well. Thanks.”

John – Indianapolis, IN
July 15, 2019 

“I am just too old to be cleaning gutters and Gutter Helmet has local service that been here for over 30 years. They all seemed very informed and nice.”

Alan – Noblesville, IN
Nov 6, 2018

“We have been happy Gutter Helmet customers since 2005. And when we moved there would be no other choice but Gutter Helmet. They are family owned and have employees that have been around for a long time. I really appreciate Travis in service, he goes above and beyond when I have questions. We have never had any issues with our Gutter Helmet but did have a new roof and they removed, stored and re-installed when the roofers were done. Great services all around. 5-stars.”

Lynn – Kokomo, IN
July 2, 2018

“Bill really knew his stuff, he helped me with a solution for my trouble spot on my home with the Gutter Helmet. Looking forward to fall and not cleaning the gutters.”

Paul -Fishers, IN
Aug 21, 2019

“We shopped a lot of different products. This Gutter Helmet system will help us as we collect the rain for our watering system. Bill was the only company that knew about water harvesting and identified how to enhance our current system with the Gutter Helmet. Thank you, Gutter Helmet Team, for all that you did for us! We love being green and supporting local companies too.”

Susan – Bloomington, IN
July 8, 2019

“Just had product installed, looks awesome. One less thing that I have to worry about is cleaning out my gutters. You really don’t realize you have clogged gutters, until they are. Gutter Helmet takes the risk out of the equation, no damage to house or property. Thanks.”

Mari – Muncie, IN
Nov 30, 2018

“After much research we found that Gutter Helmet was the best product with an outstanding warranty. We appreciate the local service and how long they had been in business. Bill has been working with them for over 22 years and the service team was very professional.”

Jack – Indianapolis, IN
Oct 31, 2018

“Our friend in Georgia told us about his Gutter Helmet and he has been very satisfied over the years. I was very impressed with Bill’s presentation, he answered all my questions. When Travis came out he was on time and did a fine job. He went over how to care for the Gutter Helmet and explained the maintenance process.”

Larry – Unionville, IN
Oct 15, 2018

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